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IMM Cologne - The international interiors show

CONDE HOUSE will be participating in the imm cologne - the International furniture and interiors fair 2019, held in Germany every January. This fair is one of the largest furniture and interiors fairs in the world, following the Milano Salone held in Italy. This is the 15th fair ever since our local subsidiary was established in Germany in 2005. Some of the main exhibits in 2018 were the YUKAR and TEN collections gaining great recognition, and we have marked record-breaking business results in these consecutive years.

In 2019, we will be exhibiting new living models from the TEN collection and a new collection, KOTAN, designed by Naoto Fukasawa, along with many other items having been receiving good reviews since their launch in June.




by Michael Schneider

The TEN dining collection, earning great popularity in the overseas markets since its launch in 2016, has now grown to become one of the major global products of CONDE HOUSE. The new living room items from the TEN collection were made to naturally blend in with the TEN dining collection: Living armchairs with a combination of sharp and smooth lines that embrace the occupant softly; four types of coffee tables with a beautiful contrast of a solid wood top and delicate iron legs. CONDE HOUSE will be presenting new inspirations to the world by uncovering these products.

Armchair/Cussion | Japanese Ash GY, Maple DBG/F3 Table 60×40 | Japanese Ash GY

LEFT: Armchair | Japanese Ash GY, Magnolia GY/F4 Armchair/Cussion | Japanese Ash GY, Maple DBG/F3 Table 70×70 | Japanese Ash OFN
RIGHT: Table | Walnut OFN

LEFT: Side Board GDD-240 | Japanese Ash NFPWT
RIGHT: Side Board GDD-240 | Walnut CWPBL


Michael Schneider (Berlin) Profile
Founder: Designschneider, 1993 - Focus: Product, furniture and exhibition design - Concept: Beautiful and functional - Cooperation with leading international furniture companies - Awarded with several design prizesFor more information »



by Naoto Fukasawa with Hiroyuki Tsuchida

“This chair of minimal design consists only of
a round backrest and seating and round bar shaped legs.”
Naoto Fukasawa

The concept of the chair, representing the third collection produced in collaboration with him, is “a long-life product of the next era.” Strength, comfort, and lightness were achieved at a high level through the process to eliminate its elements to simplicity. This remarkable chair will last for years to come. The name KOTAN means village or town in the language of Hokkaido natives. Its versatile use allows for it to be used alone, as a set of chairs at the dining table where family members gather, or in cafes and restaurants. No matter where it is used, ambiance becomes gentle by the Hokkaido ash material.

Chair(Upholstered Seat) Japanese Ash WNF, BQ-BR/L3

Stool(Upholstered Seat) Japanese Ash GY, KS-LGY/L3

Chair(Upholstered Seat) Japanese Ash BL, BQ-BL/L3 WNF, BQ-BR/L3 DBR, BQ-DBR/L3 GY, KS-LGY/L3


Naoto Fukasawa Profile
Collaborating with globally renown brands as well as consulting and working with Japanese major corporations. He has received numerous national and international design awards. In 2007, he was awarded a title of Honourable Royal Designer for Industry by RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce ), UK. He acted as the chairman for the Good Design Award in Japan between 2010-14. He is a professor at the Department of Integrated Design at Tama Art University. Currently he is acting as the chairman for the Japan Folk Craft Museum.For more information »



by David Trubridge

KINA LUX, designed by David Trubridge of New Zeland. This objet d’art is light yet stable and sturdy enough to be used as an ottoman, or even as a table. CONDE HOUSE presents to the world, this masterpiece born through a series of meticulous handcrafting efforts combined with advanced molding and precision manufacturing techniques.
For more information »

Kina Floor C 80 | Japanese Birch OFN
Kina Floor P 100 | Japanese Birch OFNPWT

LEFT: Kina Floor P 100 | Japanese Birch OFNPWT Kina Floor U 80 | Japanese Birch OFN
RIGHT: Kina Floor P 100 | Japanese Birch OFNPWT


David Trubridge

David Trubridge Profile
He creates his designs based on his rich life experiences, employing his innate technical skills and computer designing technology to elaborate expressions of abstract sculpture. With a worldwide reputation of producing environmental-friendly designs, Trubridge is regularly invited to international conferences and symposiums to give lecturers on sustainable designs.For more information »



by Mikko Halonen

Also launched here is a chair of a beautiful organic form, seamless from the backrest, arms, front legs, to the seating frame, winning the grand prize in the International Furniture Design Competition held in Asahikawa in 2017, for its fresh approach and potentials of creating new possibilities in manual arts.
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Armchair(Upholstered Seat) | Japanese Oak NF, RK-NL/L2 Armchair | Japanese Oak NF

Armchair | Japanese Oak DBR Armchair(Upholstered Seat) | Japanese Oak DBR, RK-NL/L2


Mikko Halonen

Mikko Halonen Profile
1976 Born in Oulu, Finland
2001 Graduated the Institute of Design, Lahti University of Applied Sciences
2002 Started working as a freelance designer
2010 Finished a Master’s Degree at The School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto UniversityFor more information »


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